From BTL to exciting experiences, Verafede is now an integrated marketing communications company.

Verafede (meaning “true faith” in Latin) is an Integrated Marketing Communications Agency who is passionately dedicated in crafting strategies, rendering design, planning, production management and execution of experiential marketing programs.

Our agency delivers brand experiences via single, multiple and integrated communication channels.

The Verafede Journey: From Designs to Experiences

Our mission

•To provide expertise by addressing the true needs of our clients with a clear vision and effective solutions for experiential marketing programs.

•To be a stable solutions partner in delivering reliable agency services.

•To adhere to the best practices and standards of modern marketing communications

•To add value to the growth of our client’s brand and business.

Our vision

To be recognized as a global Filipino Integrated Marketing Communications Agency that delivers strategic, creative, effective and exciting brand experiences in multiple channels.

Our values


Progress not Perfection

Discipline and Focus

Long-term Relationships

Positive but Realistic Work Environment

Simple, Timely but Effective Solutions

Our promise

Verafede promises to deliver Integrated Marketing Communications Programs with HARDWORKING strategies for your brand and HEARTWORKING exciting brand experiences with your customers.

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Let's work together

Verafede is ecstatic to conceptualize for the new and reinvent what exists. We love working with passionate individuals who know the value of what design can do and how it can positively transform the way people think