Who would have thought that hard work and creativity can turn into a whole lot of brand identity? As they say, the best brand design comes from the hunger to deliver a strong brand experience. 

How It Started

7 years ago, it all started with a dream for the experience. Coming from a conventional and conservative background in scientific events, there was always this yearning to be more daring in expressing our ingenuity. Starting with traditional ways of working, we have evolved our techniques to become a perennial creative marketing firm.

With its vision to empower and provide growth for its people, the Verafede journey has been testified by its longest and most loyal employees.

First Wins

Verafede started in 2014 when the President & CEO decided to put up her own events company. Hence, two of Verafede’s first projects were an OFW project with a multinational food manufacturing company; and a nationwide sampling activation for a distinguished local beverage manufacturer in the Philippines. Moreover, both of these were success stories that jump-started Verafede’s foundation.

Meanwhile, apart from their numerous successful projects, they also said that they learned a lot from their journey. Their experience with Verafede for 7 years has taught them to be hands-on in different facets of the business. Particularly, they have mastered not just their individual roles in the backend, but also including frontline operations such as events and marketing. 

More than the skills they have acquired, they also learned to establish and nurture relationships with their business partners. Their experience in Verafede taught them to understand the client’s various needs and expectations. Further, they have developed their inner strength and confidence when it comes to dealing with different clients. They have also happily shared how they felt valued in the team. This motivates them to continue their focus and determination at work.

The Verafede Journey: From Designs to Experiences
The Verafede Journey: From Designs to Experiences

The Verafede Community

Likewise, the Verafede community believes that their team values teamwork, inclusivity, and the continuous guidance and trust that the upper management has been generously giving. Therefore, the Verafede journey is not only about all the fun and games. It truly took a massive fusion of hard work, collaboration, and an enormous desire for a positive brand design, identity, and experience. Without a doubt, this led them to who and where they are today.

The Verafede Journey: From Designs to Experiences

Indeed, Verafede upholds its commitment to deliver designs that spark exciting experiences. The brand’s pop of colors reflects a strong, vibrant spirit that passes on to their creative services which include but are not limited to:

  1. Product Mock-ups
  2. OBB Opening Billboard
  3. Website Creation
  4. Web Designing
  5. Tagline/Slogan Creation
  6. Social Media Advertising
  7. Posters
  8. Flyers
  9. Brochures
  10. Wobblers
  11. Signages
  12. Banners
  13. Logo
  14. Business Cards
  15. Catalog and Company Profile

These are just some of the many branding elements and creative services that Verafede is proud to offer. They also continue to cater to the fields of event management, brand activations, and market intelligence among others.

The Secret Behind the Best Brand Experience

The Verafede Journey: From Designs to Experiences

Their top secret? Well, it is all about understanding the importance of a positive brand experience. Having this in mind, it is also important to understand the brand identity of each and every client. Their design inspiration roots in their goal to uphold holistic and inclusive marketing strategies. Thus, they do this by skillfully combining effective traditional and modern methodologies. 

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