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Business and creativity can sometimes find themselves on polarizing sides. Businesses focus more on generating income, operations, and other similar tasks. 

Meanwhile, creativity is fixated on one’s self-expression and creation. However, these two things can actually go hand-in-hand and creativity can even lead to a boost in income for your brand.

This article will explore how creativity can help your business. We’ll provide you with tips on how creativity can generate income for your company!

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What is Creativity?

Creativity, as defined by, is “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination.”

Oftentimes, people associate creativity with tangible things like paintings, sculptures, or even performances such as singing and dancing; but as mentioned in the definition above, it is more than that.

Creativity can be about creating new ideas, improving/restructuring traditional methods, and creating something with originality. With these things in mind, let it be your guide creativity can be incorporated for businesses.

Why Creativity?

These days, creativity is given much value. In truth, LinkedIn,  the World Economic Forum, IBM, and Forrester ranked creativity on top as a vital factor/skill that ensures success in a business and is one of the top skills that are needed to navigate through the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

The world is moving at a fast pace and businesses must keep evolving to adapt to these changes. It takes a creative mind to keep up and stand out in this ever-changing market.

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How You Can Apply Creativity in Your Business

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Challenge the Norm

Business is all about taking risks, so don’t be afraid to take risks and challenge the norm. Your business doesn’t have to follow a certain rulebook to be successful; get creative!

You can try tapping into an unexplored market or changing up your target audience. Or you can try exploring different marketing methods to reach potential customers. 

You can even try changing up your operations: study how different businesses operate and feel free to add your own twist according to what you need. By doing this, you can increase your productivity and easily solve problems internally.

Who knows? You might discover something surprising by exploring the unknown!

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Be Original

The market can be oversaturated with similar products and it can be a challenge to think of original concepts and ideas. Take this as an opportunity to step out of the box and generate new business ideas. Why fit in when you can stand out?

You don’t have to totally start from scratch, maybe you can simply try a unique look/packaging design, combine two different concepts to create a new product, or even as simple as creating an original social media segment for your social media marketing needs—anything goes!

Inspiration is Everywhere

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As we are seeking creativity, there can be moments when we feel a bit blocked or when we’re totally running out of ideas. That is where inspiration comes in. Be inspired by the things around you: your environment, the community, your favorite shows, and even your pets! 

Don’t be afraid to take inspiration or reference something (just make sure you don’t completely copy!). Study different business’ case studies, scroll through social media, ask questions, etc. Use that inspiration as a springboard to let your creativity run free.

Fostering Creativity in Your Business

Businesses can never be just a one-man show; you have different people behind the scenes who are making things happen. For creativity to truly prosper in your business, you must create a creative environment for the people around you. Here are some of the ways how on how you can foster creativity in your business:

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Be Open-Minded

A closed mind can hinder creativity. Keep an open mind and be open to critiques, suggestions, and questions. Do not immediately shut down ideas that you feel are too outrageous or outlandish—you never know how far those ideas will go! People will become more open to sharing their ideas when they are not outright rejected. 

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Have a Collaborative Environment

A collaborative environment can allow everyone in your team to have a voice and build upon existing ideas. Not only will this increase their productivity, but this will also promote harmony and synergy between coworkers. Hosting regular brainstorming sessions will allow collaboration to flourish.

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Failure is Part of the Process

Taking risks and failure is part of the creative process. Creating a culture of fear will only hinder creativity. Allow yourselves to make mistakes and take it as a learning opportunity, and don’t forget to celebrate the good parts of your projects, too!

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Provide Resources and Incentivize Creativity

Provide your team with ample resources such as training/workshops, materials, or ample budget for their creativity to really shine through. Allowing them to grow their skills and giving your utmost support will produce the best results.

Make sure to grant them rewards for their creativity, as well! It can make them feel seen and appreciated for their efforts. Whether it’s giving them time off, presenting them with bonuses, or giving them awards.

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Promote Diversity

Creating a team that consists of different people with varying backgrounds and skills (or a team from different departments!) will create new perspectives and develop unique ideas. Collaborating also allows them to step out of their comfort zones and try new things.

Creativity in Business

We have provided you with ways you can apply creativity in your business and how you can promote it among your team. Creativity is a necessary skill in order to navigate your business to soaring heights during these unprecedented times.

Creativity might just be the missing key that will generate more sales for your business. So allow your business to get creative and take risks!

Creativity and fostering a creative environment don’t happen overnight. Like other things, it is a learning process. If you need a dedicated team that will help lead your company onto a creative path, Verafede can do the job for you!

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