Due to COVID-19, a lot of things have changed. It has brought a significant impact on businesses. Along with the new normal comes a new way to market to your customers. Most especially, if you are a start-up business owner or want to start one, you will be in for a bumpy ride. In their first year, 20% of start-ups fail, and nearly half of them close down within five years. The reason for this is that entrepreneurs have far too much on their plates. Individuals or small teams juggle a lot of duties in start-ups, and with limited budgets, entrepreneurs are left with no option but to be inventive and creative in solving their problems.

But do not worry because here are some marketing tips that will definitely help build your business and marketing strategies!

1. Make Use of Different Platforms

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. You can start by experimenting with several techniques such as investing in online advertising, email marketing, or building a website. Continue to experiment with different methods of spreading the word until you find one that works for your business. According to Social Media Today, in 2021, the top five social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Reddit. With this being said, there are 80 million small businesses on Facebook pages and 130 million monthly clicks on commercial posts. Therefore, utilizing these platforms will help you grow your business and expand the reach of your audience.

2. Research Your Target Market Thoroughly

Thinking that everyone is their target market is a common mistake that new business owners often commit. They do not properly examine the needs of their target market and proceed to create items that the market does not need, want, or appreciate. It is best to determine your target market and fit your marketing efforts to them. Communicate with these potential clients to have a better understanding of their lifestyles, wants, and needs. You’ll be able to sell to them more effectively if you get to know them better.

3. Invest in Social Media

Social media has evolved into a powerful digital marketing and sales tool. Look for the platforms your target market prefers and interact with them on that platform. You may encourage new or existing customers to share their positive experiences with your business and tag you on social media since most buyers use social media to look for product reviews and recommendations. You can also work with influencers to get the word out about your business. Influencers have a large following of people who believe in their recommendations. When an influencer recommends your stuff, their followers may purchase it as well.

Image Source: 5 thumb-stopping small-business Instagram to take inspiration from I Start Social

4. Establish Quality Content

One of the most efficient ways to get people talking about your products is through content marketing. Creating a blog and link to it on your social media channels is one example of content marketing. Take note of what’s hot in your business or neighborhood, and use that information to create content. When it comes to creating content, the only investment you make is your time.

5. Develop a Good Customer Experience

Start-ups are competing against well-established brands with established reputations. Positive customer feedback can help them gain a place in the competitive market. These comments are a valuable marketing tool. Reach out to your customers and ask about ways to improve your product and service. A happy and engaged customer can do the work of advertising for you.

At Verafede, we understand the importance of having an effective marketing strategy that helps communicate your business in the market. We can help you develop and create your marketing strategy that will help build and grow your business. For more business insights and consultations, reach us here!

Diniella Marie Y. Abadia

Diniella Marie Y. Abadia

Diniella Marie Y. Abadia is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management student at De La Salle College of Saint Benilde Antipolo. She works in Verafede Inc. as a Marketing Intern. She enjoys reading books, doing bullet journal, watching anime and Korean dramas.