Memes have grown extremely popular on social media. It is a fun and engaging method to interact with your audience, but they can also be more than just funny pictures or texts. The use of memes in marketing is getting increasingly popular by the day. In today’s digital world, memes have taken on a new meaning. The way memes communicate attitudes, thoughts, and situations is what makes them so unique. It’s no wonder that businesses want a piece of the pie because of their popularity.

What Is Meme Marketing?

A brief background – a meme is a witty thought, joke, or phrase that is widely circulated on the internet. It could take the form of an image, but it could also take the form of videos or text. Meme marketing is the use of memes to promote brands and products. Meme marketing is popular among brands because it is a low-cost, fun, and low-effort way to promote and engage with the audience. Meme marketing, when done appropriately, can be highly effective. It goes beyond the gag-inducing branded content and gives the audience something valuable. Memes are effective for marketers because they are created expressly for social media platforms and give entertainment value. Memes aren’t boldly promotional; they simply make people laugh while mentioning your brand.

Why Memes for Marketing?

One of the reasons brands use meme-based marketing is to capitalize on what is currently trending. Memes have grown rapidly in popularity and have become a trend as they are widely shared on the internet and social media.

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Meme Marketing has become one of the most effective social media strategies today as these witty memes, which have the potential to go viral and raise brand exposure, are increasingly being used to boost social media engagement. This can help to boost a brand’s exposure by increasing engagement. According to a research, the average millennial views 20-30 memes per day, and when compared to traditional marketing images (which generate about 5% engagement on Facebook and Instagram), memes have about ten times the reach, with 60% organic engagement. In the digital age, there is simply no better method to engage potential clients and increase awareness than through meme-based humor.

So, now that you know why you should consider a meme content marketing, there are some things that you still need to consider. Here’s a list on how to use meme for marketing:

1. Determine what your brand all about

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Yes, memes are simple to create, but incorporating them into your brand can be tough and you may want to create a meme that is directly related to your brand’s persona. The best way to do this is simply identify your brand and create memes that correspond to it. The most important thing is to maintain your brand’s identity.

2. Know Your Memes

Memes seem really simple to create but it’s really not. You’ll need to fully understand the meme culture. You can look through the popular memes templates, images or even videos, and then add your content based on what your brand is. There are a lot of marketing ideas that can be seen on the internet. Adding a witty and relatable caption would also help.

3. Relate to Your Audience

You most likely already know the profile of your target audience, such as age, location, and other demographics. This information can be used to create memes that are relevant to them. Connecting with your audience will also assist you in producing content that’s suitable for them.

4. Create original memes

Make something new that is still relatable to your audience. If you have an image of your product that you believe is meme-worthy, you can make your own memes. It may take a little more time and imagination than the typical memes that come with pre-made templates. There are a lot of marketing ideas shared online and you can add your own flavor to it!

5. Take part on what is trending

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There are many trending challenges on social media. If your brand can take part in these challenges, better to take the advantage to promote your brand. Recently, there are “Sad ako” posts emerging on Facebook. This is where social media users tag brands on their Facebook posts with a caption of “Sad ako” or “I’m so sad”. Some are even sending private messages to brands with the phrase to receive products from them for free. Look for opportunities like this. Many brands are taking part in this trend thinking that it might help them to promote their product or brand.

Memes are overtaking the world, and almost every brand has an opportunity to take part. Many brands use memes as an effective way for their marketing strategy. These memes can be useful in your content marketing plan, and it can help you to connect with your audience. Indeed, marketing with memes can really be the future of online advertising! How ’bout you, what kind of memes might work best for your brand? Can memes work for your brand? 

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Leeanna Mari E. Ortaliza

Leeanna Mari E. Ortaliza

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