What is Pinoy-Baiting?

To understand Pinoy-Baiting, one must first go back to the definition of click-baiting. Clickbait refers to something such as a headline created to make readers and audiences want to click on a hyperlink specifically when the link leads to content of value or interest. Pinoy-Baiting has been inspired as a new concept from click baiting which is a marketing strategy used by creators to attract Filipino audiences and fans. It is usually a Youtube marketing strategy that targets Filipinos for a quick increase in their Youtube views and subscribers. They are mostly done by foreign or international Youtubers/Vloggers who are aware of the Filipinos’ adoration of their culture as well as the concept of “Pinoy Pride”.

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Why are they targeting Filipinos?

The Philippines has ranked number one on research industries Hootsuite and We Are Social’s worldwide list of countries whose people spend the most time on social media. According to the Digital 2021 report, it states that Filipinos spend a daily average of 10 hours and 56 minutes on the internet and four hours and 15 minutes on social media. As a result, if you were a content creator, you would want to appeal to that kind of audience, a target people that are accessible due to their active online presence.

Is Pinoy-baiting A Good Marketing Strategy?

The fact is that Pinoy-baiting works. Filipinos are often interested in content that include aspects of their culture: food, places, traditions, and sometimes people. Hence, it is not surprising to see content creators try and get Filipinos’ attention with “I tried to eat balut” and “reacting to a Filipino song ” on Youtube. This type of content is usually effective if the objective is to get more views, engagement, and subscribers from the Filipino audience.

However, is it really a good strategy? 

In our opinion, when the content is used to ridicule the culture of Filipinos for fame, this could still get you those views and comments but this would be unethical. These types of videos and other similar content have become predictable with very little to no originality.

A piece of advice to those considering to use this as their marketing strategy:

Be genuine with your intentions. 

It is good to create content that you know would appeal to your particular target audience. But with content creation, comes great responsibility. It should not only be a novelty but must also be done with good moral consideration.

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Mica Boyoon Choi

Mica Boyoon Choi

Boyoon Choi is a second year student taking bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing Management at Macquarie University, Australia. She is an intern at Verafede in charge of conceptualizing content for their social media.