Being able to market your brand online is a good way to attract potential clients. The significance of social media engagement is that it has the ability to measure the strength of a brand in generating more business. Social media is just media if there’s no engagement; So here are 5 simple tips to boost your brand’s social media engagement!

What is social media engagement?

Social media engagement is a form of interaction between the client and the brand which happens within social media networking sites. 

Why is social media engagement important?

An active social media engagement on different social media channels can be a major strategy in building a connection between your brand and your potential customers. Applying the best practices for social media engagements is the key to a successful online brand presence that will bring more engagement and leads for your business.

To get you started, here are 5 tips on how you can boost your social media engagement!

1. Know your audience.

5 Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement
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Knowing your audience is a crucial step in shaping your brand’s voice in social media. This will guide you on what type of content your brand represents online. With this, you can create content that people can relate to and in turn convey positive engagements.

2. Focus on your topic

It is important to let people know what you know! This will build your brand’s credibility and will create an impression that you are up-to-date with the latest trends in your industry.

5 Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement
Image source: Engaging with the world online | Canva

3. Engage with your audience

Responding to the comments, queries, and shared posts of your prospects and clients are some of the simplest and most common ways to engage with your audience. This can establish an online community for your brand where you can get suggestions and ideas from your audience. It can also be considered as a way of extending customer service across various digital platforms. 

4. Share relevant content

Sharing is caring! If your social media feed provides your audience with relevant information about your industry, they can be more attracted to your brand. With the appropriate content, this could be a great way to enhance diversity and engagement with your prospective clients.

5. Personalize your engagement

Greet your individual clients with their names and match them with a more unique and natural response. People tend to trust brands that they can interact with online, instead of giving them templated responses. Of course, this is not to suggest that chatbots are no good. Adding a personal touch to the tone and the logic sequence of your automated responses could already make your customers feel the care in your customer service.

At Verafede, we value the importance of creating an online brand presence by increasing the brand’s social media activities. We can help you build an active social media account and establish an online community that will represent your brand. For more branding strategies and business insights, reach us here!

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Kyla Benito

Kyla Benito

Kyla Louise T. Benito is an undergraduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Antipolo. She works in Verafede Inc. as a Marketing Intern. She enjoys reading fiction books, doing sketches, and watching Korean dramas.