In this modern world with diverse demands, not every brand succeeds in targeting its consumers. Some brands fail to meet the demands of their customers; while others fail to deliver their value proposition and differentiation from their competitors. Hence, creating a strong brand message is a crucial factor in every business which can help you with both of the above-mentioned situations. The brand message enables your product and your communication message to align with your value proposition.

What is a brand message?

The brand message refers to the tone of voice and the main message that a company establishes when communicating with its target audience. Deciding on a brand message is significant so that every time the brand positions itself, the consumers can easily perceive its identity.

In simpler terms, your brand message is the context communicated to your target consumers through your verbal and non-verbal strategies. Additionally, your brand message depicts what you do and how you are different from other companies. Whether it is a tagline or slogan, the brand message is what your customers can recognize and acknowledge. Furthermore, a “slogan” is a catchy phrase that is repeated over and over again in advertising campaigns and platforms.

Here are a few examples of well-known brand messages and slogans:

Slogans are key for brand recall and brand recognition. However, slogans are not necessarily the only way to communicate your brand with your target customers. Brand messaging is a collaboration of different factors like language, specific keywords, and the tone of voice utilized that align with your branding. Creating a brand message and using it consistently will create a distinguishable identity for your brand. In turn, this makes the brand communication effective not only to your target consumers but to anyone who comes across your brand message.

4 strategies to create a successful brand message

Although it is not difficult to create a brand message for your company, it is not easy to produce a “strong” and “effective” one either. Here are some ways on how to build a powerful brand message that can attract your target customers.

1. Define Differentiation Pillars

Integrate differentiation pillars that make your brand different and determine how those differences positively influence your consumers. These pillars each have a core message or headline with supporting details that demonstrate how the differentiators are performed in your company. You can start by brainstorming 5 to 10 key differentiators then choose your top three. For each of these three differentiators, there must be a headline and three supporting details.

2. Develop Your Company Tagline

After identifying your top 3 differentiators, generating headlines, and supporting details, you now have the basis to produce your overall company headline. This is also known as a “tagline”. The tagline should also consider your brand’s identity through the following factors: Mission, Vision, Core Values, Positioning Statement and Differentiation Pillars. Moreover, it is best to create a tagline that is: 5 words or less, fascinating, easy to remember, unique to the company, and inclusive of a benefit.

3. Do Not Overpromise

Overpromising to your customers leads to a negative outcome in the long run. Your brand message should only contain what you can actually offer to your consumers. Do not promise to provide them with the full cake when all you can serve is a cherry. More so, this can put great risk to your brand’s credibility and may affect customer loyalty.

4. Incorporate the Brand Message Everywhere

Once the brand message has been decided, it should be incorporated into every product or service you are offering. Integrate it into your website design, product packaging, and even in your marketing campaigns.

In Verafede, we understand the value of creating a strong brand message that will attract customer loyalty and increase brand credibility. We can help you strategize your overall brand message and turn it into more leads and conversion. For more business insights and consultations, connect with us here!

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Mica Boyoon Choi

Mica Boyoon Choi

Boyoon Choi is a second year student taking bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing Management at Macquarie University, Australia. She is an intern at Verafede in charge of conceptualizing content for their social media.